C-64 games

These are genuine games that were programmed between 1988 and 1993, they should work on both Vice and the real C64. There is a problem however with CCS64. To fix it, simply type RUN and press ENTER once the disk has stop spinning.

LICENSE: You may use these games any way you like. They may also be distributed freely as long as the content of the archives is not altered. However, these games cannot be sold for profit.

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Unlucky Adventurer Collection
    disk     3x Ladder games
3x Maze games
Creepspread I & II
disk 2x Maze games
Crunch Signal's I & II
disk 2x Strategy Games
Bird On The Run I & II
disk 2x Action Games
Willy: The Willed Man I & II
disk 2x Maze Games
Ladder Game Construction Kit
disk Construction kit
Untitled preview
disk Point & Click Adventure
FB vs Melanie
disk Puzzle