# 60927 - Seeking Women Friends Only (49/F) - 2019-09-20 21:34:55
United States
Languages: English
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, writing letters, emailing, coloring, writing in my journal, library, museums, art, nature, animals, stuffed animals, text messaging.

Updated ad 9/20/19 Hello: My nickname is Heather. I am 49. I am a christian woman. I am engaged to the love of my 💍❤ life, happy with him. Not seeking a relationship. I am placing this ad, in hopes to make real true genuine friendships. Women only for lasting friendship by email or text messages. When you reply tell me about yourself. No Games!! I will not reply to, do you want to be pen pals? Tell me what state or country you live. I will not reply to Men, Prisoners, or Scammers.. I will just delete. So don't bother to reply. Still receiving replies from Men & Scammers. I say this again. I just delete. I will not reply. I have depression & anxiety. Would like to make friends with women between the ages 30-70 only, that has some of my common interests as well as has depression & anxiety as I do. I don't have interest in sports. I love animals. I have four pet betta fishes 🐟. As where I live pets are not allowed. Also to that loves animals as much as I do. I also love stuffed animals, I have a few. I also like to text. My favorite holiday is Christmas 🎄 I am a faithful loyal pen pal friend. Hope to make a best friend. That always replies back. Seeking the same. I ask do not reply, if you are some one that emails a few times & stops. If that is you, I ask please do not reply. Also do not reply if later on you say, you have so much problems or what ever else that you can't reply anymore till later on. I ask don't reply to me. That is rude!! So many replies from women telling me that. Some one that is able to communicate often.. As I receive replies from women, telling me they want to be friends. Then I don't receive a reply back. No Games!! Only Women that wants a lasting friendship as I do. Don't reply if you are not serious in starting a lasting genuine friendship. Thank you for reading my ad. 🌸🌹🌸🍀🌷🌼🌻

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