# 62022 - Dragafari (39/F) - 2019-10-18 02:40:08
Languages: English & Spanish
Hobbies/Interests: I'm always looking for new things that captivate my mind, even the tiniest of things like the morning dew and ethereal ones like a smile or shed tears.

P.O. Box 4865
Murcia 30008

Greetings! Dragafari here. I'm looking for snail mail penpals. I hope that we could develop a friendship that lasts in time. I'm happily married, no children, no pets, tanned skin, mixed ethnicity, a bit overweight, very creative. I'm an artisan, even though I have another educational background. I'm not political or religious. I'm a Rastafarian though, I think that means a lot (spirituality/lifestyle/values), but I'm not into pot, Rasta means so much more than that! Anyway, I like to wear very comfortable clothes. I'm not into fashion, I'm not into vanity. I love reggae and world music. I believe I'm very eclectic about everything. I don't believe in national prides or any kind of foolish pride if it leads to violence and misunderstanding. It seems that our world is getting more and more disrespectful and brutal. Let's change that with some kindness! I don't have a conception or a preconceived notion about gender; I think every person is unique. I enjoy traveling but it's not my leitmotif. I'm an omnivorous reader, but I prefer philosophical stuff. I practice free diving and snorkeling as a hobby. Also, I'm a gamer, I play DOS and Java games in emulators, and PS2 games. Also, I play some online games like 8 Ball Pool. New projects? I'm improving my chess skills and I'm trying to learn some Arabic. The kind of penpal I'm looking for? Any ethnicity, any country, any lifestyle or beliefs. Good vibes is a must! But please, handwrite your letters. I prefer medium length letters. If you write too short, how would I get to know you? If you write too long, it could be difficult to remember everything and reply on time. I send letters during the whole year, except in summer; I send postcards instead, but I won't forget about you! Sometimes, I enjoy making mail art, but I don't do it all the time. I just write according to my time and mood. I try to be regular though. Anyone?

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