# 62077 - Candee Fultz (51/F) - 2019-10-12 00:30:54
United States
Hobbies/Interests: Crochet, writing, sewing, baking, general cooking, billiards, drums, reading, and learning!

1730 Wintergreen Circle

Hello everyone, I'm Candee (no, not short for Candice in any form). I am married to my childhood sweetie. I have two children, 2 grandchildren, and 2 precious kitties. I am seeking friendship only, but I'm a great friend, and a great listener. Hubby and I love life, exploring, and just spending time together. I love snail mail, and wish the world could just get back to writing real letters, that mean something. Part of me will always be old-fashioned. I'm an author and Criminal Investigator. Can't wait to hear from you!