# 63098 - Fish (46/M) - 2020-06-04 02:01:58
United Kingdom
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Hi, I'm looking for intelligent conversation. I enjoy a debate about most subjects and am open to different opinions about things from politics to meeting new life forms on other planets (are they the same thing?), but if you are passionate about something, then let's share ideas. I travel a lot for work. I have lived in several countries and worked in several more, but my real home is the UK. I write technical documents for a living, and am also an analyst. My job involves physics and I mentor a couple of guys. I used to teach self defence until my work schedule got in the way. Now I just practice different martial arts whenever I can, or do any other sport that is open to me. I'm big on travel and have visited around 34 different countries. I have a bucket list! The final two items on it are to see the Himalayas, and to see inside the crater of an active volcano. The bucket list has hekped focus my life. It has been updated over time as some things become impossibilities, or I get new ideas to do things. Maybe you have a bucket list? What 3 things would you put on it if you haven't yet got one? If you could live in a different country, maybe one you have visited, or maybe one that just sparks emotions, which one would it be, and why? Email me at 2headeddragon@ protonmail. com . My stipulations are female only because my work life is male orientated, and anyone under the age of 30. Everyone over around 30 just seems to want to dissect my life and tell me how wrong I am living it. We do what we have to do in life to get by, and we often have to make sacrifices that aren't ideal. I'm an open book though, and don't discriminate against anyone.

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