# 61702 - Jason Williams-Lock (47/M) - 2020-08-10 02:45:36
United Kingdom
Hobbies/Interests: science & weather & everyday life

Hi ! my name is jason, I am a person who loves science! and some maths and weather. I also like everyday conversation about life in general as this allows me to think about how life works, and I like to connect the facts together which I enjoy doing. Now, I am looking for a woman my age or older, so 40 + who is very caring & very friendly, someone who takes the lead and can make conversation, I don't want someone who just says hi, how are you? I believe that an e-mail should show interest explicitly by writing a proper e-mail, I would also request daily e-mails or not at all. I am prepared to put in the effort, I think it is logical and fair you do the same, I also am very intelligent, i would like a relationship !! if you are married or not single dont bother ! you are already TAKEN!! I would like to hear from a woman my age or older as I have said who lives either in the UK, the states, or Australia, europe, south america, I don't really mind about where you live really, what I am looking for is someone who can be my "confidant" a best friend, a true friend for life! I don't mean someone who will vanish after a few e-mails, what's the point otherwise? really i am looking for a companion, ! someone to be my 'confidant' to get to know & to know me! please put (sassociations) in your e-mail subject line!!! also, if you do write, i am looking for regular correspondence, once a day at least, and i dont mind long e-mails, thankyou, sincerely Jason

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