# 63622 - Dragafari (39/F) - 2020-08-11 05:44:43
Languages: English & Spanish
Hobbies/Interests: Crocheting, reading, wood carving, oil painting, portrait drawing, tapestry, music, outdoors, the elements, international cuisine, traditions, different cultures, etc.

P.O. Box 4865
Murcia 30008

Hello everyone! I'm Dragafari and I'm looking for snail mail pen pals. I hope that we could develop a friendship that lasts in time. I'd love to have a friend through letters because I live somewhat isolated in the Spanish countryside. I'm an artisan and an artist; a simple person with deep thoughts and lots of creativity. The kind of penpal that I'm looking for? Well, I'm interested in anyone who can become a good friend. All are welcome to write, I know you have something to share about life and your surroundings. What's new in your life? What is that something that makes you be yourself? Please, only reply to my ad if you're really looking for a friend. I'm tired of scammers, people who collect letters, and people that simply don't reply. Even if you don't have much news, please, reply. I really care and sometimes I believe that something happened to you if you don't reply. You can write in English or Spanish, but please, try to handwrite your letters, I always handwrite mine. I hope to hear from you soon.

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