# 63697 - Sad Mama (49/F) - 2020-08-01 15:19:14
United States
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This is not my real name, it's Laurie. I am not going to give direct info. so please reply so that I can have more friends. First of all I am going to want to start by saying I'm a Independent Avon Representative online: www dot youravon dot com / lauriecuellar I used to sell it back in the middle 90's. I am back into it since both my children are grown adults & I will be able to achieve my goal to travel. Here are my social media to find me... Snapchat is under Laurie Sanderson, Skype is under name of live:5bd1def5c04b7f6e with a picture, Twitter is under Laurie Sanderson @ LaurieS0553515, Instagram is under Laurie Ann Sanderson Cuellar, Kik is under username of sadprincess1971, WhatsApp is under Laurie with a picture. Under the social apps for Skype, Twitter, Instagram are an advertisement for my being a Independent Avon Representative online.

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