Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. How does Sassociations works?
Sassociations is an online directory for people seeking to find new friends. You can look at all the ads, only the latest additions or do a search to find ads matching specific criteria. You can also post your own ad so that other people interested in becoming your friends can find you.
2. What kinds of ads are allowed on Sassociations ?
This page is for friendship only. There are a lot of sites that do offer romantic pen pal attachments, but this isn't one of them.
3. For whom is Sassociations intended for ?
Anyone thirteen years and older, looking for friendship either through mail, email or ICQ.
4. Can you explain the "no prisoner" clause?
The "no prisoner" clause is something requested by numerous Sassociations users. Additionally some law makers have issued laws to forbid inmates from becoming pen pals and Sassociations has an obligation to comply with local, federal and international laws.
5. Why are children less than thirteen of age not allowed to post ads ?
The Children Online Privacy Protection Act disallows web sites operators from collecting personal information from children without verifiable parental consent.
According to the new bill, verifiable consent is provided through digital signatures, credit card numbers, signed letters, toll free phone calls and signed faxes. Sassociations isn't equipped to handle any of those things.
6. I posted an ad and I can't find it. What should I do ?
If you have posted an ad and can't find it, check this page. We have compiled an extensive list of the most frequent reasons why ads are refused. However sometimes ads are simply lost, if you think that's the case just let us know and we'll look into it.
7. Is this page free ?
Yes. This page is 100% FREE. There are no charges whatsoever for using this page. We seldom ask our users to notify us of anyone charging money to access Sassociations.
8. Can I send you my ad by e-mail ?
No. Ads are accepted through forms only. Sassociations does not have the time to process e-mail ads, we have therefor supplied you with a number of links on the link page to help you in your search.
9. What is Sassociations' position concerning junk mail ?
This page is anti-junk mail. If you receive advertisements, including but not limited to the promotion of other pen pal pages, they are in direct violation of this page and are considered spam. The punishment for spam can be to loss an e-mail account.
10. I want to be removed from this page. What should I do ?
You can remove your listing at any time. Just use the removal form. If that doesn't work, you can always contact us using the feedback form. (You need to provide the name and e-mail address you're registered under, and where we can find your ad. It helps us a lot if you can also give us the five digit ad# too.)
11. I have forgotten my ad number or password. What should I do ?
To get your ad number go to the search page, type your name and age group. Scroll through the results and then simply click on the word "edit" under your ad to the right.
If you forgot your password then you must have your ad removed. Follow the procedure explained above. In the future, we hope to have a SMTP server ready so we may simply email a confirmation code directly to you.
12. I entered my name and password but I can't login to edit my ad? I know that what I'm typing is correct. What should I do?
You need to enter your ad # along with your password to login. If you don't have your ad #, you can find it using the search page. Once you have located your ad click on the edit link.
13. Can you include a link to my penpal page on your link page?
Yes. Simply follow the procedure explained here.
14. What are terms of service for using Sassociations ?
The complete terms of service agreement is available here.
15. Where can I find Sassociations' privacy policy ?
Our privacy policy is part of the terms of service agreement. You can read it here.
16. Why is this page sometimes unavailable ?
The server is operating over it's maximum capacity resulting in the unavailability of our databases. We are actively looking for a solution. Please bare with us.
The usage of this web site is subject to both the conditions of acceptance and the licence agreement as explained in the terms of service