This document is an legal agreement between YOU (the user) and Sassociations. If you don't agree with the terms of service, stop using Sassociations. For the sake of simplicity you are part of a class of individuals collectively known herein as "users of Sassociations" (users).


a) The usage of the word "Sassociations" throughout this document when applicable implicitly include anyone connected with Sassociations. Users are not considered associated or connected with Sassociations.

b) Unless noted otherwise users are defined as anyone who has used or is using web pages that either (i) belong to or (ii) are copyrighted to Sassociations, (iii) contributed to Sassociations or (iv) both. For as long as your ad is listed on Sassociations, you remain a user of Sassociations. Owners, administrators and contributors of Sassociations are NOT considered users of Sassociations.

c) The terms of services shall be deferred to as both "the agreement" or "this agreement".

d) The access granted to users to use the pen pals directory of Sassociations to either post or read ads shall be known herein as "the service".

e) The pen pal directory of Sassociations shall be known herein as "the directory".

f) Spams are defined as unsolicited electronic messages posted through or with the help of (i) a e-mail software, (ii) a server-side script, (iii) a client-side script, (iv) a bot, (v) a bulk remailer or (vi) a web form which advertises directly or indirectly either a product or a service.

g) The Sassociations web site is defined as any page contained in or in a sub directory of http://www.sassociations.net


a) In principle, there are no charge whatsoever for using this page. However, users agree that it is their obligation (i) to purchase the necessary software and (ii) hardware requiered to access Sassociations and to provided for themselves a (iii) web connection and (iv) the necessary software and hardware requiered to subtain that connection.

b) Any information provided to Sassociations becomes the property of Sassociations. Sassociations doesn't collect certain types of personal information from specific groups of individuals as explained in clauses 3a, 3b, 6a and 6b of this agreement.

c) Users agree not to (i) copy, (ii) duplicate, (iii) replicate, (iv) derive work of or (v) resale any portion of the content of Sassociations without a written authorization from Sassociations.

d) People can resign from being users of Sassociations at any time if they both (i) stop using Sassociations and (ii) have their ads removed.

e) Section headers used throughout this document are provided here for your convenience only and don't have any legal value.


a) People less than eighteen of age, must have the permission of a legal guardian before using Sassociations. Sassociations doesn't allow children who identify themselves as less than thirteen years old to post ads. Sassociations asks that users do not provide identifiable information about anyone less than thirteen of age. All users are required to comply with this policy.

b) Without prejudices, Sassociations ask prisoners NOT to use this service. In compliance with this policy, users may not (i) distribute ads located on this web site to prisoners or (ii) give prisoners access to ads located on Sassociations. Moreover prisoners are expressly forbidden from (i) placing ads or (ii) responding to ads on Sassociations. Users agree not (i) to place or (ii) respond to ads on behalf of prisoners.

c) Users agree not to post any content that can be considered (i) indecent, (ii) offensive, (iii) obscene, (iv) inappropriate or (v) illegal. No content of a (i) sexual or (ii) romantic nature is allowed on Sassociations. Sassociations reserves the right to delete offending ads on sight but has no obligation to.

d) By submitting original content as part of their ad, users certify that this material is their own intellectual property and users further agree to grant Sassociations non-exclusive, unlimited, perpetual, irrevocable and royalty-free reprint rights on that material.

e) Moreover users agree not to provide as part of their ads links to other web sites without prior authorization from Sassociations.

f) Users agree not to (i) harass, (ii) abuse or (iii) threaten other users or former users of Sassociations.


a) Submitted ads will expire in twelve months after their last modification. Once expired ads are subject to be removed. There is no time limit on how long Sassociations can keep ads.

b) The administrators of Sassociations can, at any time and at their discretion (i) remove, (ii) modify, (iii) disable, (iv) moderate or (v) refuse ads for any reason or no reason at all. This clause doesn't forfeit the responsibilities and obligations that users have toward Sassociations.

c) Users agree that requests to be removed from the directory will be processed in due time and that Sassociations cannot be held responsible for any delay or failure to remove ads.


a) Sassociations doesn't endorse the content of the directory and is not responsible for the content of the ads placed there. Sassociations is also NOT responsible for sponsor banners and other advertising.

b) Users are responsible for the content of their ads and are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

c) Moreover users also agree that they will not post anything that either them or Sassociations can be held liable for. In the event of liability, users agree (i) to hold harmless Sassociations, (ii) to defend, (iii) to assume all legal expenses of and (iv) to pay for damages to Sassociations associated with prosecutions or law suits against Sassociations relating to or arising out of the use of Sassociations.

d) Users agree that they (i) assume all the risks associated with the usage of the service and (ii) accept all the consequences. Sassociations is not responsible for how the information on these pages (i) was used, (ii) is used or (iii) may be used.

e) Sassociations is also not responsible for communications between users and/or former users of Sassociations.

f) Users agree that Sassociations doesn't owe them neither remedy or reparation and that under no circumstance shall the liability of Sassociations be greater than null.

g) Users further agree that Sassociations has no obligation toward them whatsoever.

h) Sassociations may enforce this agreement at it's own discretion. However Sassociations cannot be held (i) liable or (ii) responsible for it's failure to enforce any part of this agreement.

i) Sassociations doesn't control the content of web sites toward which Sassociations links to, Sassociations doesn't endorse the content of such sites and will not assume any (i) responsibility or (ii) liability for the anything that users may find on linked site.


a) When submitting ads, users agree to provide accurate information about their age and gender. Users are required to submit to Sassociations only contact addresses (e-mail and postal) that are both true and complete (also see 6b for details).

b) Postal information is optional. To the best of it's abilities, without prejudice or liability, Sassociations doesn't allow individual who identify themselves as less than eighteen of age to have their postal addresses listed. Users agree to comply with this policy in addition to all applicable local and international laws.

c) Users will not post any content that may compromise Sassociations, including but not restricted to personal information that reprint of thereafter may result in liability for Sassociations.

d) Users agree not to impersonate other persons or entities including but not limited to (i) owners, (ii) representatives, (iii) contributors and (iv) affiliates of Sassociations.


a) Users agree NOT to spam either Sassociations or users of Sassociations for any reason.

b) Sassociations does NOT tolerate unauthorized advertising of any kind including but not limited to ads placed as reference pointers to other pen pal pages. To promote your own pen pal page, you can submit a request for a reciprocal link using this page.

c) Users agree not to collect (i) email addresses, (ii) ads or (iii) portions of ads from the Sassociations directory for any reason other than legitimate correspondence.

d) Sassociations doesn't authorize any misuses of it's directory. Users agree not to intentionally post to the directory similar ads repeatedly or multiple times. Sassociations asks to be notified of any abuse or complaint immediately.

e) Administrators of Sassociations may or may not choose to e-mail a warning letter to offending users when a contact e-mail address is provided. If the problem continues Sassasociations can at it's own discretion take legal actions against offending users. Sassociations owners and/or representatives can sue for both damages and exemplary damages including but not limited to (i) clean up fees, (ii) time required by computer specialists to write additional code to work around the problem ($50.00 CAD/hour), (iii) travel expenses for expert witnesses to travel to, attend and testify at the trial, (iv) time required by support personnel to write complain letters to the ISP of the offending users ($50.00 CAD/hour) and (v) additional expenses which will be determined in due time.


a) The usage of Sassociations legally binds users to both (i) the terms of service and (ii) the disclaimer.

b) Users agree that this agreement be written in English. Legal disputes will be settled in a court of law located within the jurisdiction of the province of British Columbia, Canada.

Les utilisateurs acceptent que cet accord soit écrit en anglais. Toutes les disputes seront résolues par un tribunal sous la juridiction de la province de Colombie Britanique, Canada.

c) Sassociations may change this agreement at any time, without notice, by continuing to use Sassociations users attest that they agree with those changes.

d) To stop using Sassociations doesn't absolve users from any breach they committed against this agreement.

e) If a provision of the agreement is deemed not applicable, all other provisions will remain in effect and are still legally binding.

f) At it's own discretion, Sassociations can (i) ban, (ii) block, (iii) redirect, (iv) complain to the ISP of, (v) report to the authorities or (vi) even sue any individual who has failed to comply with this agreement. This clause will survive the termination of this agreement.


a) Sassociations logs IP addresses, page identifiers, time stamps, browser information and other pertaining information from visitors on any page under the control of Sassociations (i) to help Sassociations diagnose problems, (ii) to understand user behaviors and (iii) to identity what is the general usage of this web site.

b) Sassociations also uses both permanent and temporary cookies and session variables to identify returning visitors and to keep statistics on how Sassociations is used. In the future, this information may also be used to enhance the browsing experience of all users.

c) The non-personally identifiable data collected, as explained in clauses 9a and 9b, is for internal purposes only and will not be disclosed except as stated herein. Sassociations can collect this information and use it (i) to identify the nature of abuses committed by users against Sassociations, (ii) to ban, to moderate, to block or to redirect offending users at the discretion of Sassociations, (iii) to serve as evidences against the offending users when complaining to the ISP of the offending users and (iv) to support law suits against offending users. This information can also be disclosed to law enforcement officers or when required .

d) Domaindlx.com, Geocities.com, TheCounter.com, E-Groups and their respective sponsors may also collect information about visitors on any page they host through the use of activity logs and cookies. Sassociations doesn't have access to activity logs or cookies collected by third party companies such as but not limited to those mentioned above and is not (i) responsible or (ii) liable for the information gathering policies of such companies.

e) The content of ads submitted to Sassociations, including but not limited to personal information, is made available publicly (i) in the Sassociations pen pals directory and (ii) on a number of search pages to anyone or anything (bots, crawlers etc.) which has access to the Sassociations web site. Obviously your password will not be made publicly available.

f) Users can ask to have their ads removed at any time by contacting Sassociations (see clause 4c).

g) Sassociation doesn't take responsibility for any information that might have been stolen, copied or altered by acts regardless of the actions or omissions originating for any source including but not limited to that of (i) someone associated with Sassociations, (ii) a web hosting company whom is hosting the databases that Sassociations uses, (iii) another user, (iv) former user of Sassociations or (v) a hacker.

h) Sassociations links to other sites, however Sassociations is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of any linked site.

i) Sassociations may also retain relevant backups of the information it collects. Backups can contain data that was deleted from the Sassociations web site and consequently no longer publicly displayed on Sassociations.


The information on Sassociations was compiled, is provided courtesy and at the discretion of Sassociations. Users of this Internet resource agree to accept it *as is*. No warranty expressed or implied including but not limited to any particular fitness, merchantability or accuracy is provided. Sassociations, it's webmasters, contributors, web hosts and sponsors all expressly disclaim responsibility as to any direct, indirect or incidental damages that may arise from the usage or inability to use Sassociations. Sassociations and everyone connected to Sassociations also disclaim liability regardless of the form of the action, for acts or omissions of persons associated with Sassociations, other users, former users, web hosts, sponsors or hackers.

The usage of this web site is subject to both the conditions of acceptance and the licence agreement as explained in the terms of service