On the trail of the missing ads...

If you posted an ad and you can't find it. First try the search page, then check the list below to make sure that you didn't unintentionally painted yourself in a corner.
    1. Sassociations will list friendship ads ONLY. No ad of a sexual or romantic nature will be allowed on Sassociations. No exception !
    2. Ads that contain references to illegal activities, objectionable content or links to other web pages are very likely to be removed without notice. To include a link as part of your ad, you'll need to ask our permission.
    3. Sassociations doesn't allow people who identify themselves as less than thirteen of age to post ads. If it brought to the attention of Sassociations or if Sassociations has good reasons to believe that you are less than thirteen of age, Sassociations will delete your ad. Additionally Sassociations asks that you do not post ads on behalf of people less than thirteen of age or provide identifiable information about such individuals.
    4. Users less than eighteen of age are not allowed to provide a postal address or phone number as part of their ad. Most ads violating this policy will be disabled pending a decision. These ads are subject to be either edited or deleted.
    5. No spamming of the directory will be allowed. To promote a penpals page, request a reciprocal link using this page.
    6. Don't post the same ad repeatedly. Whenever possible update your ad instead. If you have to post your ad again, please wait at least two months before doing so. Since all ads expire in twelve months, it's our effort to reduce duplicates as much as possible.
    7. You didn't provide a contact address either postal or e-mail. If you are less than eighteen of age you must provide us with an e-mail address.
    8. The add form is designed to prevent incomplete ads from reaching us, all those IF/THEN/ELSE are there for a good reason. If you somehow got around the validation, it's very likely that your ad will be deleted.
    9. Ads are often sent to the moderator for approval, if that's your case then please wait a week. If your ad still doesn't appear by then, drop us a line. Due to the extra workload that it would represent, please note that we'll not update you on the whereabouts of your ad unless you ask us to.
    10. All ads must be in English. Ads submitted in other languages will be deleted.
    11. Ads needlessly complicated to read (i.e. mixed caps or characters standing in for letters etc) will be deleted without notice.
    12. Finally, sometimes ads are simply lost. If you believe that's what happened, drop us a line and we'll investigate.
Of course, Sassociations reserves the right to edit or delete any ad at any time, for any reason or no reason at all. Still if for some reason you fell we have been unfair drop us a line and we'll look into it.
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